multiplexing system

Corbett Research is a Biotechnology Company with experience in developing specialised equipment for the Biotechnology and Life Sciences market. Corbett Research’s innovative range of Genetic Analysis equipment is recognized locally and internationally as setting new standards in precision and performance.

4 Channel real-time multiplexing system, world first centrifugal design.

Thermal cycling solutions in the palm of your hand with a powerful and versatile system.

Real time robotic precision liquid handling system revolutionises PCR sample prep.

High throughput robotic extraction of DNA/RNA.

Real-time gel electrophoresis system, using ultra-thin gels to decrease run times.

Software Update
RG Software V6 Update

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Technology Update
X-Tractor Gene

Corbett Robotics presents the
X-Tractor Gene Automated DNA/RNA Extraction System,
for high throughput nucleic acid extraction from various samples.

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Technology Update
Temperature Calibration
Rotor Released

Corbett Research releases the world’s first Temperature Calibration Rotor.